What is ShareSpace?
A local coworking community where like-minded people can be more productive, collaborate and connect.

If a Day Pass is $15, and I can work at a coffee shop for $7 a day, what do I get for the extra $8?
1. Free high speed Internet access (50MB)
2. Free unlimited printer access (Toshiba eStudio 2330c)
3. Free artisanal coffee (from Dessert Oasis)
4. A comfortable chair and workstation
5. A professional work environment without overbearing formality
6. The chance to meet other really awesome and motivated coworkers

PLUS (and this is the important part) each month whatever money is left over after paying the expenses and rent will be pooled into a “improvement fund”. The members will then be able to collectively decide how to spend it!

Can I leave my large monitor at ShareSpace overnight?
You have to bring everything home at the end of each day, UNLESS you’re a Resident.

Why would I want to be a Resident at ShareSpace?
Not only do you get unlimited access to our space, you also have your own desk, chair, lockable file cabinet and save money AND time on the overhead costs and responsibilities that leasing a building space entails.

Where do I park?
No quarters needed or parking meters here! You can park for FREE in our parking lot just steps away from the building entrance.