About ShareSpace

ShareSpace is an Oakland County coworking community for independent professionals and freelancers located in Downtown Rochester, MI. As more people move towards freelance and independent contract work, there is a growing need for workspaces. ShareSpace provides the traditional office amenities without the distractions that comes with working from home or coffee houses. It’s affordable and is suited for professionals with different office needs. Coworking gives the opportunity for professionals in different fields to gather and collaborate in one space.

Who We’re Great For
Everyone is welcome at ShareSpace. Whether you need a break from the cubicle or to escape the distractions while working from home. You’ll find freelancers, entrepreneurs and even corporate companies at ShareSpace.

Our hours of operations are 9am-6pm Monday through Friday

ShareSpace Beginnings
Before founding ShareSpace, Doug Van Slembrouck spent most of his career working at larger corporations and software companies. Van Slembrouck started a freelance agency, RedPawn Creative, seven years ago and had enough work to go completely freelance in 2013. He lived in Chicago at the time and had a variety of coworking spaces to join. In July 2014, Van Slembrouck and his wife moved back to their hometown, Rochester, MI and realized Oakland County was in need of a coworking space. ShareSpace officially launched Saturday, December 13, 2014.

Now home to countless educational and business resources, we are a community of what lies next on Michigan’s horizon.